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8 Golden Rules of Professional Logo Design You Must Follow

Logo, simple but powerful. A symbol that a brand has to carry for years. It is not just the mixture of colors, not just the design or not just the simplicity that you give in the designing. Rather a good logo conveys it all. A logo needs to be simple, memorable, should convey the core service of the business of the core USP ( unique selling proposition ) of the business but still need to be very very simple, creative and catchy. Don’t you think it’s tough? Yes, it is, this is why, golden rules are there to help you. 


Learn the golden rules of logo making, understand how you can make your logo perfect for the business along with an eye-catchy design and attractive outlook. Yes, the core secret is here. Stick to this blog and learn about the 8  golden rules of professional logo design that you must follow. 


1. Do the research work 

Think about why you want a logo? Is it only to show or you want to create an essence in the consumer mind. No doubt logos are the best way to create a solid position in the consumer mind. A logo without solid research and ground work is just a logo. Those are the logos that do not convey anything special, not even a message that can tickle your consumer brain and influence them to use your product or service. For a meaningful perfect logo, you surely need research. Do your research, ask a question to yourself, why do you need a logo?

What is the core value of your product and service, what is your usp, how you want to portrait it to the consumer and so on. Don’t forget to research your competitors too. Who are your competitors, what sort of logo they have, what type of message they are conveying in their logo and so on. But don’t just follow them.

Find Out what they don’t have in their logo, what else can be done and how you can show it. After all of your research on your business and business needs then talk to your designer and tell them what specific logo you want to have. After such through research your designer can start working for the logo of your business. 

2. Make it Unique 

No one remembers the common one. If you stay different you can stand out in the crowd. Remember there are tons of companies, millions of businesses worldwide. In the era of the internet, your competition is really tough. If you can’t stand in the crowd you will be lost in the crowd. Yes, your logo is the definitive thing that can help you. Logo goes with you everywhere. Your consumer, your partners, your stakeholders everybody conveys a logo. Just think, if all of them find your logo impressive and unique, chances are they are going to remember your logo for a long time. Besides, if you follow the successful trends you are not going to be successful for sure. You will surely lose, because the successful logo is already successful in the market. They already create their audience and perception in the market, taking that position just by following their style wouldn’t be a good strategy. Just because FedEX uses an indirect arrow in their logo doesn’t mean using an arrow will help your business. FedEX is successful because they are the first to use such a concept. So use it, be the first, be unique so that you can easily stand out in the most competitive market. 


3. See It Before It is Made 

Yes, I mean sketch. After doing your research , after deciding on the uniqueness of your logo, it is time to see it.  So sketch your logo, this will help you to see your imagination into reality. If you are using a graphics design service, tell them to send the sketch to you. If you have your own designer then tell them to sketch the design and show it to you. If you are a designer by yourself then it is the time to sketch your design and see your imagination into reality. In the digital era, sketching can sound odd, but believe me, it is not. Rather it is playful and time saving. However, if you are working for clients then sketching can show your clients how their logo is going to look like. So, you can get further edit before the whole logo is designed through the digital software. 


4. Indulge Company Personality  

Logo is not just the logo, it should carry your business essence. In short, it should carry your company’s personality. FedEX , Nike, Addidus, Toyota all are the perfect example of how you can carry your company personality in your logo. FedEX deliver faster than anyone in the business, so they put an arrow in their logo, nike believe in can do attitude, they want to depict movement, speed, power and motivation in their logo. Unilever uses all their products they manufacture and market. So, think, what personality you want to build and show in your business. No matter what, it should be shown in your logo.


5. Make It Simple 

Nothing is better than a simple logo. Look around, you will find all the simple logos become more and more popular. Yes, you don’t need to make it too complicated and gorgeous. A simple logo can talk a lot. Toyota, Nike, Addidus all of them are pretty simple. Their simplicity makes them special.  However if you think from the business perspective, a complicated logo is pretty hard to remember, so your customer could hardly remember your logo. If you make it simple, it can be easily recognized. After watching over and over your customer can remember your logo easily if it is simple. Merchandise uses Y in their logo, so simple that you can easily recall. Think about Audie, they use circles that can be easily recalled too. All the big brands make their logo simple then why not you? 


6. Out of the box 

Make it out of the box but not out of the world. This means, don’t follow other brands. Make your own, that conveys your personality and which is different too. Your logo needs to be different because there are millions of brands. You have to stand out in the market to defeat those brands. Otherwise you can’t. But being different is never being out of the box. Take inspiration from nature, think and come up with something unique. Just think about Apple, they relate it with a half eaten apple and that standout in the market. But why, because they are the first technology company who use food to portrait technology. Right now the apple logo has become the one of the famous logos of the time. Yes, they are famous because they are different but not out of the world. So, be different and think out of the box. 


7. Make it Readable 

Your logo is the symbol, is the message from your company. So, it should be above the threshold level, it should be readable and traceable from every size and angle. Yes, this is why you must fix the size of your logo to make sure it can be readable from every angle. We often miss it and that is the biggest mistake we do in logo design. So never ever ignore the size, decide on it and make it applied in the right way. For example, if you see the CitiBank logo, they use similar size in all of their branding. Or they never ever used any size or front that can’t be readable. However, Nike’s logo itself is so simple still it maintains a certain size to be traceable. So, decide on it and make your logo traceable for all. 


8. Let it Speak 

Design is a creative work.You can’t force, you can’t pressure, it has its own style, you just need to let the design go with it’s flow. Forcefully making your design speak for your brand rather ruin the whole design. So, don’t say anything, just go, just let your designed logo speak its own word, only then your logo can stand out easily in the market. For example, look at the Shell logo. It hasn't said a single word in its logo but still shares everything it does for the business. 


Golden rules are meant to be followed. But sometimes rules become too tough and can ruin the whole creativity if you are not expert enough. Besides your logo is the most valuable one, a tool to stand out in the market, a tool to reach your target customer. An expert in logo design can surely help in this regard. It may be new for your company but not new for the expert designer. An expert designer can follow all the golden rules easily and come up with the excellent logo design. Graphics design limited is one the expert graphics design company. They have a huge amount of trained and expert designers who can produce quality logos with very short time. Which means, you need not to worry about your logo designing anymore, just give your requirement and they will do the rest, and within your given deadline you will get your most awaited logo. So, don’t wait, hit the order now button and order a logo for your business. 


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