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When it comes to using one design in multiple ways on multiple platforms, a vector design is an ideal option. Over the last few years, vector design has been widely popular. From branding to marketing and any other advertising sources, the vector design is used all over the place. 

You can use a vector design in the logo, social media, book cover, brochure and most of the marketing material and its list can go on. Isn't it amazing how one design can be used in limitless ways? I mean it's cost-effective too, isn't it? 

So, do you want to take the opportunity to use vector design in various places? 

Do you need a high-quality design with a universal size that can be customized depending on where you use?

Such a vector design maintaining quality is a tough job. You need the right hand to actually get a quality design. Thus, to break all the challenges in design our professional proactive designers will provide you custom vector design at your will.

No matter what kind of design material you want for your business, they will meet all of your design meets. We assure the design quality is so good and we have dedicated designers who will work till they gain your final approval.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Custom vector design here…

Look at our all Graphic Design Service. And see more graphic design ideas and examples on our portfolio page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Using designing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw, the vector form of designs are created. The purpose of vector design is to make the artwork clean, scalable to any size without disrupting the quality.

Ans: To differentiate between a vector and image, you need to enlarge the graphic more than 200%. Then carefully check the edges and color. If you see the edges are blurred and the color degrades then it's a raster image. If you see the quality stays the same clear and color as solid, then it's a vector image.

Ans: The vector files are widely popular and commonly used for the logo, graphic design using illustration and printable layouts. This format not only sustains the quality at any size but also gives you the opportunity to edit the text and other elements.

Ans: In terms of quality and user-friendliness, vector based graphic designs are better and flexible to use. You can easily edit and scale the images at your convenience.

Ans: You can create a vector format with SVG images using an illustrator or Inkscape. If you want to save logo design in vector format then choose in PDF, SVR, EPS, DXF, AND AI format. However, you want to save in bitmap, then choose PNG format. 

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