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Terms And Conditions

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Welcome TO The Best Graphics Design Agency World

The copyright of all the elements, materials, pattern and design belongs to Best Graphic Design. (https://www.bestgraphicsdesign.com). No or any part of this website should not be reproduced, distributed for any purpose without taking permission from BestgGraphicsDesign.com. And anything we find identical or any organization or individual use material of this website without permission will be taken under the illegal procedure.

This "AGREEMENT" legally lets the customer know that whatever the benefit, offers, opportunities, and advantages you get from Best Graphics Design you have the right to get those as per the policies presented on this website. So we encourage you to read the terms of use to know our policies and consumer rights to get the best deal and service with satisfaction legally. And any user from 18 years old is allowed to take our service. 

Terms and Conditions:

Agreement -"Agreement" means both parties should agree, accept and follow the terms and conditions before confirming any deal.  

Party - “Party" means an individual, business or organization who obeys the agreement. Generally, it's a commitment for Customer and Best Graphics Design Agency to go through the following requirements that legally acceptable.

Design Delivery - "Design Delivery" follows the policies according to Bestgraphicsdesign.com agreement so customers know the process and follow accordingly anytime. 

Design Order - "Design Order" means you can choose any of the design services from the category you prefer. You can choose from our available design service like Logo Design, Business Card, Stationery, Social Media, Signage or T-shirt design as well.

USER - “USER" means anyone who takes or is willing to get the Best Graphics Design service or takes any help from here.

Order Completed - "Order Completed" means the design has been completed, approved by the client and delivered. if the customer has any objection or needs to redesign for any order, they obviously need to inform Best Graphic Design within 14 days otherwise the order will be marked as completed.

Regular Design - "Regular Design" means you can choose any design from our category but unsure about what your design detail should be, then it will be counted as a regular design.

Custom Design - "Custom Design" means you have a set of requirements and you want the design under a specific package, then your order will be counted as custom design and made following your requirements.

Design Review - "Design Review" is you can review and make remarks over the design. When our designers complete your primary design to check if it matches with all the requirements. If you have any comments or queries or changes you want to make, you have informed the designer. If the design is perfect according to you, then you have to approve for finalizing. 

Money-Back Guarantee - Any and all of the design services at Best Graphics Design have 100% “Money Back Guarantee” for our customer satisfaction and assure you to provide risk-free service. 

DESIGN PACKAGE - Best Graphic Design offers three "DESIGN PACKAGE." Any design package you order whether it's Silver, Gold or Platinum you will get the design delivery in the same process and you can enjoy design review opportunity too.

Best Graphics Design Agency Agreements:

Your privacy is profoundly important to us and we strictly maintain our Privacy Policy. Before you take our service, we recommend you to read your agreement policy and procedure first.

  • Customers who primarily accept our agreement can take any design services anytime from BestGraphicsDesign.com
  • Remember every order you place, it automatically promises and refers to the formal agreement between Best Graphics Design & Our customers.
  • Everyone client has to register before ordering the package.
  • When you order your first design, you will automatically create your account through the mail.
  • You have the opportunity to get out an email newsletter for free when you subscribe to our website.
  • Each and every customer has the complete authority to unsubscribe whenever they wish to.

Best Graphics Design Agency Order Procedure:

  • Every time a customer places an order, he or she must clarify the design ideas and requirements so we can easily understand the design module and create the desired design exactly. Any form of illegal requirements will not be accepted.
  • Everyone gets their design according to the USER Agreement.
  • For any extra services from any package, an additional charge will be applied. 
  •  Customers have to comment or review their design within 14 days after primary design completion. if they miss to comment or provide advice within this time it will automatically mark as a complete design.

BestGraphicsDesign.com provides design mostly following customer requirements. You will also find the regular design. For any consultation, design queries or help you need, contact:  support@bestgraphicsdesign.com

Testimonial/ Review Policy:

We present testimonials from our real-world customers who worked with us previously. We use them for promotional purposes by their permission. If you think to place your testimonials on our websites with the other testimonials then we accept your claim.

In any circumstances, if you need to cancel your order, just contact us. If you want us to refund your money, go through the below policies: 

Design Order Policy:

Primarily BestGraphicsDesign.com delivers you the first raw design material so the customer can review and express for any changes, edit and redesign. In that case, modifications are possible but starting a completely new design from a new concept will not be accepted. 

Best Graphic Design Reserves the Cancellation or Modification Procedure:

  • We may change, reorganize and rearrange or add new policies to this agreement any time we require
  • We wish the best for Best Graphics Design and value the customer the most.
  • Any of the articles posted here and sharing messages are conducted with full consent without any influence.
  • We have legal rights to cancel the order at any time. In this case, our customers will get your money back following the agreement policy.

Note: Don’t expect design from us if you are unable to follow and maintain the rules and regulations of Best Graphic Design. For any queries or issues regarding the design, feel free to contact: support@bestgraphicsdesign.com