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Trust & Safety

Trust Safety

Trust Safety

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How a Customer, Client or Buyer Get The Refund For Specific Graphics Design Orders:

Please find the policies below: 

When a customer can expect to get a refund?

  • For any circumstances or inconveniences, if Best Graphics Design is unable to deliver the design at the required times, the client will get a complete refund. 

  • If a customer claims the design material is not unique along with proof, then the Best Graphics Design they will refund the money.
  • If a customer doesn't get the exact design as per the instruction and requirements provided, they will get a refund.
  • If a customer files a complaint regarding copyright issues with solid proof, then Best Graphic Design will bear the refund.

When a customer unable to expect a refund?

  • Upon approving with “proof design”, if a customer wants to change the design after 7 days (one week), then refund is prohibited.
  • After placing an order for design if a customer doesn’t take a single step within 14 days and receive the final product within the required time, then it will be automatically taken as a “proof design”. No refund is applicable in this circumstance.

At Best Graphic Design, all clients have freedom and advantage to get any design at their preference. We assure flexibility, comfort and quality design by professional designers to create a customized design as per the requirements. 

If you find anything unclear or have queries regarding refund policies, contact - support@bestgraphicsdesign.com