Jewelry Logo - Let your gleaming logo show the radiant of your jewelry 

Starting a new jewelry business? Do you know having an elegant logo to represent your company is equally important as having breathtaking jewelry items in your shop? 

It's a fact. The logo of your company works like a gem that portrays the quality, luxury, and sophistication of your store. Whether you make gold, silver, platinum, diamond or gemstone based ornaments, the logo must represent and speak for your jewels. 

What do you want to include in the logo? Considering the popular jewelry brands, rings, pendants, stone, crown, etc are commonly used. So, you can choose anything that relates and resonates with your brand and includes in your logo. You can also choose an abstract pattern to stand out and stay unique from other brands. 

Here are a few tips to choose the basic elements in your jewelry logo: 

Color: Suitable color for ornamental logo may vary from black, gold, silver, rose gold, white, etc. there are no fixed rules of choosing the color. You are free to select any color you want but pay attention to the design balance, style, insight, and value of your brand. And, refrain from choosing more than two colors. 

Layout - before you choose the layout, think about the future of your brand. Where are you going to use the logo? A logo is an important element for a brand, it's used everywhere from the website, business card to the banner, invoice, letter pad, event and so on. Depending on the mediums, the size of the logo would also change. Thus, it would be better if you choose a clear layout. 

Typography - For the Jewellery logo, bold and visible typography suits the brand. Choose a font that will grab the attention of the audience, readable, easily visible and illustrate the style of your jewelry. 

Symbol - It would be wise to choose the symbols that match the product and service. And each of the elements on the logo should complement each other. 

To create an alluring jewelry logo for your new brand, you can always take design inspiration from others and come up with your own set of ideas. 

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Ans: Here is a set of guidelines to brand your jewelry. 

Think of a mission and aim of your business 

Design creative jewelry that your audience would absolutely love 

Come up with a stylish name for your company 

Create an outstanding logo 

Do market research 

Set an outline for your business goal 

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