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Create an inviting and cozy hotel logo that shows comfort, hospitality, and great service

The first and most essential thing we are concerned about is “where to stay” whenever anyone is traveling to another city from their own. Whether it's a simple traveling purpose or spending carefree holidays to business meetings, staying at a homely place to rest is the first thing that comes to mind.

There are already thousands of hotels, resorts, bungalows with different categories. When a person is intending to visit a new place, he or she does not have any idea about the hotel quality. They search for them online and they get stuck with the hotel appearance and then the reviews.

Whether you are new in the hotel business or already have one, it's important to catch audience attention through marketing on web and print media. And, an elegant logo will not only grab the attention but also illustrate the service quality of your hotel. While there are already many competitors in this business, it's really important to stand out.

Thus, you need a unique and fully customized logo for you to show your audience that you are distinct from others in all aspects. Because whatever ways you choose to do the marketing for your company, the logo is a sure thing to include. And, if it's not a remarkable one, your guests will not remember you.

Additionally, in a hotel, the logo is used everywhere. From nameplate, business cards, cutlery, toiletries items, beds, keyrings and every other place possible. And with your service and extravagant logo design, you can create a permanent place in your audience's mind.

So, when a logo is so important for your hotel business, here are a key feature you need to keep in mind.

When you are making a color combination, consider the location, hotel name, and tag line. For hotels, you can choose vibrant colors like green, blue, orange, red, golden, black, grey, etc. Depending on where the hotel is located, choose the color to represent your brand wisely.

You can use structure, symbol or icons to complement your brand name. Look at your competitors and come up with unique and powerful choices that will meet the expectation of your guests.

Some hotels prefer to use typeface only with letters or initials. You can also use that style but make sure it's bold and striking that the audience can notice easily. You can also add visual effects to give a life in the logo design.

So, whether you have a resort, bungalow or five-star hotel, you need to show the luxury, comfort, and hospitality through the logo design to speak for your brand. 

Are you ready to create an inspiring hotel logo? Get it here. 

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Ans: A logo is a visual representation of an organization. Using font, color, symbol, visual effects the logo is designed to have a unique identity of a company to recognize. So, a logo is a uniform of a company that users can easily recognize just by looking at it. 

Ans: There are different types of logos. People choose them according to the industry they belong to or as per their preference. 

Letter marks or monogram logos 

Abstract logos 

Mascot logo

Letterform logo 

Emblem logo 

Wordmark logo. Etc. 


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